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INFINITY moves forward to its second round of investment to continue developing its business in Latin America

INFINITY moves forward to its second round of investment to continue developing its business in Latin America


Latin America’s benchmark esports and gaming entertainment organization raised US$2M in 2020 and is calling new investors into the process of fulfilling its regional expansion strategy. 


February 8, 2023. INFINITY, Latin America’s benchmark esports club, has launched a second round of investment in order to expand its esports, entertainment, and retail division into new markets in the continent. 


After a successful first capitalization of US$2M in 2020, INFINITY expects to complete this second round before the end of the first semester of 2023, in order to continue consolidating its position as the main benchmark for young communities in the region, and to take its retail model, the Infinity Gaming Center, to the most important cities in Latin America.


INFINITY will use the funds to reinforce its sports staff, expand its retail model into franchises (Infinity Gaming Center), grow its content and tournament production company (DDN Producciones Esports & Gaming), and add new business verticals related to audience growth and lifestyle. 


 “At this stage, we are looking for smart money to grow in a smart way, add value in key areas of the club, and continue to implement the strategic plan successfully. This is the plan that has driven us exponentially since 2018,” said Diego Gonzalo Foresi, CEO of INFINITY.


Foresi emphasized that INFINITY, its content production company, and the Infinity Gaming Center are part of the fastest growing entertainment industry in recent years, partly due to the fact that young people find in gaming and esports the perfect combination of sports, technology, and fun. 


INFINITY Esports has more than 1.8 million followers in its digital ecosystem (content creators, players, staff, club networks, etc.), as well as 29 championship titles in the eight games in which it professionally competes in Latin America: League of Legends, Valorant, Dota2, Free Fire, PUBG, FIFA and Gran Turismo. 


The organization is truly a multi-Latin company with main operations in Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica. It has a Gaming House in Lima for Dota2 team, and a gaming facility in Mexico City, where the League of Legends team lives permanently and that can house up to two other teams if needed. In addition, the first professional training and entertainment center, the Infinity Gaming Center located in Costa Rica, will be replicated in two new cities in Latin America soon.


DDN Producciones organized over 35 tournaments for major mass consumption, food, beverage, technology, telecommunications, and entertainment brands, and managed sponsorships and activations with 50 brands throughout Latin America in 2022. Besides, it has operated the Saprissa Esports license since 2021, and has led the team to become twice champion of the Elements League, the official league of League of Legends (LoL) in Central America and the Caribbean.



INFINITY is the main esports club in Latin America. It was built from the success of its sports results in League of Legends (LoL) and then expanded to several games in the continent. One of its main achievements in LoL is the Clausura 2018 championship of the Northern Latin American League (LLN, as per its acronym in Spanish). This victory led to its participation in the Korean World Championship, where it made history with the best participation of a Latin American team so far. Also in 2018, it won the grand final against the Southern Latin American Cup (CLS, as per its acronym in Spanish) champion in Santiago, Chile. In 2021, it became twice champion of the Latin American League (LLA). In addition, as part of its regional expansion, it is competing in the following esports: FIFA eWorld Cup, PUBG, Counter-Strike, Gran Turismo, Dota2, Valorant, Free Fire and Free Fire FEM, and Wild Rift. 

In 2019, Infinity opened a training and entertainment center called Infinity Gaming & Training Center in San José, Costa Rica, and became the first esports club in Latin America to have such a space.




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