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Infinity Esports launches its sneaker line with the Mexican 1NF1N1TE to promote the lifestyle gamer

Gillette Infinity Esports continues to set trends in Latin America. Now, the brand new LOL league champion is the first club in the region to launch its sneaker line, alongside Mexican premium design firm 1NF1N1TE.


Ciudad de México, 21 de abril de 2021- INFINITY, the electronic sports club champion of the Latin American League of Legends (LLA) announced the launch of its exclusive line of gamer sneaker 1NF1N1TWO Destino, Developed together with the Mexican company 1NF1N1TE.

The exclusive pre-sale and limited edition collection is initially made up of an original design model called 1NF1N1TWO Destino. It is a shoe produced with the highest quality and premium materials of bovine leather, suede and textile. The production and design is in charge of 1NF1N1TE, a 100% Mexican company founded by a group of gamers and dedicated to the design, production and export of premium footwear.

“At Infinity we are very happy to continue setting the trend in the region's gaming industry and to be able to do so together with a strategic ally such as 1NF1N1TE. Now we are the first Latin American club to launch an exclusive sneaker line, aimed at lovers of gaming and premium lifestyle ”, assured Nicolás Lescano, communication director of Infinity Esports”.

To promote the launch, Infinity developed an innovative campaign under the #HuellaInfinita what includes audiovisual content, musicals and graphics, as well as a campaign with influencers and prominent personalities from the gaming world in Latin America.

The collection will be available from this Wednesday, April 21 and will be sold from the website of 1NF1N1TE and INFINITY at a price of $ 69 with shipping included to all of Latin America. The payment methods are PayPal, any debit or credit card and in Mexico they can be purchased by making payments at Oxxo stores and Guadalajara pharmacies.

Useful data:

–       Model: 1NF1N1TWO Destino. Limited edition.

–       Where to buy it ?: https://infinitegamingshoes.com/ –https://infinityesportslatam.com/

–       How much? $ 69 dollars with shipping included to all of Latin America.

–       Payment methods: debit, credit and PayPal. In Mexico Oxxo stores and Guadalajara pharmacies.

–       Launch Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmcIdyPSmzE