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INFINITY is making the impossible possible. The Infinity. INFINITY has no limits. It is the club that always surpasses itself, the one that pursues the best game. The club of Latin American talents to discover. INFINITY is the club that best represents the millions of fans who love esports with an amateur heart and those who dream of being part of the professional world.


INFINITY competes in various electronic sports at a Latin American and international level. In this section you can see complete information about our rosters and the leagues in which we compete.

INFINITY Gaming Center

We present INFINITY Gaming Training Center, the initial objective was to create something that surpasses the club but for INFINITY to be part of it. Thus was born the INFINITY Gaming & Training Center, a space where we bring the virtual to the physical with cutting-edge technology from computers to sound and video. We want any amateur or professional team from Costa Rica or Latin America to be able to use the facilities to train, carry out bootcamps, presentations, etc.


En INFINITY contamos con 3 instalaciones gaming en LATAM, sedes de eventos, donde residen los jugadores, entrenadores y staff técnico durante las temporadas competitivas, una de ellas en Ciudad de México para la disciplina de League of Legends, VALORANT y juegos Mobile, una en Perú para DOTA2 y el Gaming Center en Costa Rica.