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Who we are

INFINITY es hacer posible lo imposible. El infinito. INFINITY no tiene límites. Es el club que siempre se supera, el que persigue el mejor juego. El club de los talentos latinoamericanos por descubrir.
INFINITY es el club que mejor representa a los millones de fans que aman los esports con corazón amateur y a los que sueñan con formar parte del mundo profesional.

Who we are

Infinity is making the impossible possible. Infinity. Infinity has no limits. It is the club that always surpasses itself, the one that pursues the best game. The club of Latin American talents to discover. Infinity is the club that best represents the millions of fans who love esports with an amateur heart and those who dream of being part of the professional world.


Nuestra misión es ser el club de referencia donde todos los amantes del gaming sueñan jugar.
Fomentando y difundiendo el desarrollo de los deportes electrónicos en toda Latinoamérica.

FINAL 2021-5


Our mission is to be the reference club where all gaming lovers dream of playing. Promoting and spreading the development of electronic sports throughout Latin America.



Our vision is to be the leading Esports club in Latin America, both in terms of sport and brand recognition. Developing teams in the different games and offering a set of services linked to the industry.


The club's values ​​are the set of ethical and professional principles that guide our behavior and define our identity.

  •  Respect: We respect our colleagues and fans knowing that it is the only way to deserve their respect.
  • Institutionality: the values ​​of the club ahead of personal interests.
  • Passion: we love what we do, we move through something deeper than the material.
  • Honesty: we express ourselves and behave with sincerity, respecting the values ​​of truth.
  • Humility: we recognize our weaknesses, qualities and abilities, taking advantage of them to act for the good of others, without saying it.
  • Innovation: we always seek to do new and creative things in a responsible way.
  • Solidarity: we think and act for the collective good over the individual good.
  • Latin American Identity: we believe in a regional DNA.


Latin American Identity: we believe in a regional DNA.
Ethics: I am the same when they are seeing me, than when nobody sees me.
Social responsibility: I don't work for myself alone, I do it for society.
Flexibility: promoting and adapting to changes in the gaming universe.
Enthusiasm: just enjoying what I do every day I give meaning to my life.
Confidence: I do the impossible to achieve the goal.
Respect: we respect our rivals knowing that it is the only way to deserve their respect.
Originality: The path will always be the same, the way we travel it makes the difference.
Prudence: mistakes are as human as life itself.